Enter to Win 1 of 10 Renewing & Cooling Eye Treatment With Avocado + Argan Oil


This contest is now closed. Please visit our blog for your latest opportunity to win some great prizes from Nourish Organic.

Congratulations to our December winners, four of whom won a Moisturizing Cream Body Wash, with one lucky winner taking home the Grand Prize of a Basic Essentials Face & Body Set.

To see the list of winners, please visit the previous contest page.

Be one of the first to get our new Renewing & Cooling Eye Treatment with Avocado + Argan Oil with our January giveaway! Our latest product, the Eye Treatment will be available in mid-January at NourishOrganic.com but we want you to win yours, absolutely free! Enter below to win!


Use the giveaway application below to enter to win your very own Renewing & Cooling Eye Treatment. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

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erin swan

erin swan said:

I love you eye cream and would like to try more products.

Cheryl H

Cheryl H said:

I have never used anything on my eyes, this would be the first.

Emily Fu

Emily Fu said:

I’ve never used an eye cream and this seems like the perfect first!

Gina G

Gina G said:

I’m in my 40s and have been using anti-aging eye creams for a long time already. For 2015, one of my resolutions is to use more natural and organic products. I already love Nourish Organic Moisturizing Face Cleanser, so chances are good that this eye treatment would be a new addition to my skin care regimen!

Liz Boettner

Liz Boettner said:

I received a sample from you in my ipsy bag & LOVE IT!! I could use more and definitely plan on buying more of your products. ❤️


Namie said:

I’m making the switch to clean, safe skincare products and I’d love to incorporate Nourish products into my routine.


Bonnie said:

I would like to win so I can have a chance to try Nourish Organics again. I received the Eye cream in my beauty subscription and was really excited after looking at the ingredients but then wasn’t able to use it after the first few days because it had a bad smell and balled up on my skin. With the great ingredients, I really would love to give this brand another fair try. I try to be familiar with ingredients to look for and this line seems to have them!

C. Young

C. Young said:

Argan and Avocado Oils in a new eye treatment! Wow, I would love to try this powerful duo!


Julie said:

I received a sample of this in my Ipsy bag. It is wonderful and I’d love to received a full sized version! :-)

Clair Ellis

Clair Ellis said:

I have been using this since I got it in my ipsy bag and I LOVE IT!!


Heather said:

I already love your face wash, so I’d really love to try the eye treatment and hopefully add it to my routine. Plus moving across country has really taken a toll on my skin/body. I could use all the extra hydrating I can get.


Abi said:

Would love to win this..

Bethany Bebik

Bethany Bebik said:

I have been having horrible dry, puffy eyes since summer and I can’t find anything to make it go away! Not to mention I love Nourish Organic products and would love for it to fix my problem!!

Jayne Cameron

Jayne Cameron said:

I am getting older and I would love to try the new Eye treatment.


amanda said:

We’re in the middle of the dead of winter in Midwest, and I can’t tell you how good that eye cream sounds! Extra hydration this time of year helps so much with dry winter skin.

Kat Hollister

Kat Hollister said:

I absolutely love your skin care line and I’m very excited to add these two new products to my daily regimen!

Kim Cage

Kim Cage said:

This sounds amazing! Would love to win and try!!!

Dana Criscuola

Dana Criscuola said:

I already use your facial wash, and moisturizer, a friend of mine recieved this eye cream in her ipsy bag and she absolutely adores it! I tried it, but I would love to own it for myself!! ? love these products. I have had adult acne for the last 4 years and your is the first product to actually help clear my face. I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you!


jo said:

I love every product I’ve tried from Nourish. I have extremely sensitive skin and am so happy to have found a line that doesn’t aggravate my skin or cause breakouts. I cannot wait to try the new products!

Sue Pompetti

Sue Pompetti said:

My eyes look so tired and puffy.

Nereida Ramos

Nereida Ramos said:

I would love to win this because when I wake up my eyes look and feel more tired than I really am. I’m ready to beat the tired a.m. eyes!

Liberty T.

Liberty T. said:

I would love to win because recently I have not been sleeping well and my eyes are extremely puffy and baggy.

Emily S.

Emily S. said:

I’d love to try this! I’m still searching for the right eye product for my skin. Everything I’ve tried so far has been so-so.


Whitney said:

I got a sample of this from ipsy and I love love love it! I admit- I just bought a full sized one, but if I won – I’d pass it along to one of my friends, because this is JUST that good of a product.


Stephanie said:

I got the eye treatment in my ipsy bag and I want more!


Alicia said:

I would love to try this product. I love anything with the word “avocado”. And my eyes could really use some TLC right about now.

melissa mc

melissa mc said:

these fine lines are starting to really concern me, and I would like to try your eye treatment to see if it helps — ty for the chance :)

debbie yoder

debbie yoder said:

This product sounds wonderful!! I have puffy eyes and dark circles , this would do the trick!!

Rita Spratlen

Rita Spratlen said:

My eyes are puffy and also I am getting older and I would love to see what your product could do for me. Thanks for the chance!

Lynn E.

Lynn E. said:

I definitely could use this eye treatment, I am always worried about my eyes looking tired and having fine lines!

Isabel Topps

Isabel Topps said:

All your products are wonderful, so this will be the same! Getting older so need some help and prefer all natural organic products.

Elizabeth V

Elizabeth V said:

I love the Nourish Organic Products for what they do for my skin! I first started with the creamy face cleanser and the day cream which are fantastic. I know these products have changed my skin for the better. I feel so good about the ingredients that they use which are USDA organic. I would love to see what the eye cream can do for my eyes! I am very interested in trying their toner, so then all of my skincare would be Nourish Organic.

kate t

kate t said:

I work long hours and I could use a new eye care tx. thanks!


Pao-Lan said:

I’ve received a sample of your eye cream by ipsy and so far I’m liking the results. So I wouldn’t say no to a full size of this baby whenever the small tube is finished. Plus I’ve been looking for an eye cream lately.

Susan T.

Susan T. said:

I am very dry around my eyes, with dark circles and puffiness. This sounds like the perfect eye cream for me!

Lori Williams

Lori Williams said:

Would love to give this a try,always can use a good eye treatment for my tired puffy eyes. I also have some fine lines showing so would love to work with it for that problems also.


paulina said:

I just got married and I need to start to once again take care of my eyes and skin! The wedding festivities left me exhausted!

shirley anne

shirley anne said:

I was turned on to these products from a face cleanser sample in my Ipsy subscription. Totally love the products and this would be a wonderful addition to my Nourish Organics skin care regimen that I totally need!


Angie said:

I have dark circles and puffiness under my eyes so eye creams are now a must for me and I haven’t found one that I love.


:Liz said:

I received Nourish Organics’ hand soap and body cream as a gift. What a nice gift for my hands!

Dorothy Guillette

Dorothy Guillette said:

I am very happy with your face cleanser and face lotion and would love to add the eye treatment to my daily regimen!

Sophie-Anne Mercier

Sophie-Anne Mercier said:

I’d love to try that eye treatment!

Michelle Mercier

Michelle Mercier said:

I have black circles under my eyes.


Debbie said:

I take care of my skin and have always looked for the most natural organic products. I love your lotions and skin cleanser and would like to be one of the first to try your Renewing and cooling eye treatment

Dream & Scheme

Dream & Scheme said:

As a blogger, I often stare at screens for extended periods of time. Add a heaping pile of stress, and my eyes could definitely use some soothing.


Angelina said:

I would love to try this new eye cream to help my dark circles and to brighten my eyes!!

Lindsay S.

Lindsay S. said:

Because I like your products and could use this for my under eye puffiness when I wake up.

Adrienne A.

Adrienne A. said:

I have extremely dry and sensitve skin; I need to use natural products that won’t irritate my skin.

julia g

julia g said:

I want to try a cooling product.


Caitie said:

I’ve been struggling to find a product that will help with my stubborn under eye circles. Would love it if this was the one! :D

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