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Our innovative Cream-to-Oil All-Over Skin Solve treatment launched just over a month ago and so far the
reviews have been stellar. Below is a small sample of collected reviews we've received from beauty experts, bloggers and people just like you.

"Nourish Organic Skin Solve, truly does solve my skin woes. This skin solve is a cream to oil all over treatment that can truly be used all over, I used it to moisturize my legs, used it to condition my lips, and it wasn’t oily and I could use it on my hands. The Shea and coconut oil based cream also has orange and rose hip oil extract making the scent light and airy." - Cait's Beauty Blog

"Skin Solve works wonders! Having my tube in tow while fighting these New Mexican winds helped me keep my flyaways at bay and even provide a natural highlight on my cheekbones when wearing makeup in humid GA was a no-go!" - Shimmy Sistah

"My skin took a beating this winter. Before this I was using lotion that I believe I only paid two dollars for and it was doing absolutely nothing. After using this for a couple of days it saved my skin." - Don't Be Common Fashion 

"Got my skin solve yesterday and I love it already. It comes out as a cream and turns into an oil as it warms up so you don't need to use much at all. I used it on my cuticles, elbows and then rubbed my hands through the dry ends of my hair too. The result? I smelled amazing! It's like a chocolatey-orange smell. And my skin looked great too." - Jill C., posting at

"Some pretty amazing stuff from @nourishorganic. This cream-to-oil salve goes on smoothly and absorbs super fast. And the smell is heavenly. #salve #nourishorganic#moisturizer #crueltyfree #leapingbunny"
    - leapingbunnyprogram via Instagram

That's just a sample of the feedback we've been getting so far. Check out additional reviews here:

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